Recently the media reported that an American political commentator, Candice Owens, has become so concerned about Australian lockdowns that she wants American troops sent Down Under to liberate us.

Surely she was joking?

The Covid-19 Lockdowns in Australia have prevented many deaths

Covid-19 Stats at the time were:

733,385 American deaths from Covid-19 and 45.2 million cases, almost double the population of Australia

1445 Australian deaths from Covid-19 and approximately 130,000 cases.

Then, I realised she was serious, and it got me thinking about perspective.

Perspective depends upon who is looking at what, and from where they are standing.

human perspective is complicated.

People make assumptions according to their own personal situation, their mindset, and how things appear from where they are.

The 6-9 meme is a classic example of how something can appear to have a completely different meaning, depending upon which way you look at it.

Good intentions are often misunderstood

I grew up in central Africa and the tradition of many indigenous people is to sit down when in the company of someone who deserves respect.

My English heritage taught me that people usually stood up to show respect when an adult or stranger entered a room.

How confusing for everyone this must have been when the early settlers arrived in Africa.

No wonder people didn’t get along well in the beginning.

Confusion with colours

As if the perspective issue was challenging enough, it is interesting to note how confusing colour association can be.

Yellow is often used for sunshine but also for cowardice.

Green for GO, fresh growth at springtime and yet also for envy and jealousy.

Red for danger, yet also for passion and desire.

Blue Lapis Lazuli, a stone of this colour is purported to

“quickly release stress, bringing deep peace. It brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge.”

Lais Lazuli stones

Yet we use the phrase ‘I am feeling blue’ to describe discontent and sadness.

Beyond Blue is an organisation to assist with depression.

Human perception, mood and association is surprisingly complex.

Christmas in Australia is often spent relaxing on a beach

Christmas greetings

My simple Christmas wish to you is that you get to spend some quality time with family and friends.

Take the day off from your worries and fears and embrace the goodwill that usually abounds on this day.

I wish you enough of everything you desire.

Merry Christmas 2021

Handy phone numbers to have at any time of the year. Always hoping you never need them, but good to know people are there to help.