Sex is a natural part of life, and so it would be remiss of me not to have a blog post about it.

No matter what you may have heard, or read, masturbation does not make you go blind.

Sex can be very satisfying and is seriously good for your health and well being.

Sex takes practice

Best to practice with someone who you care about and who cares about you

Take things slowly, don’t rush, the best sex leaves both parties satisfied and happy

If you are not enjoying sex with your partner, don’t be tempted to ‘fake it.’

Talk to your partner, tell them what you think you need to feel satisfied

Laugh if things go wrong, hey – sex is fun, it is ok to laugh if you fall off or one of you gets a cramp…

Sex requires two consenting adults. If one partner has not consented, then it is rape or sexual assault

Two consenting adults can do anything at all that they both agree to

There is no right or wrong technique if it is good for both of you

Talk about sex

Discuss what you enjoy, what turns you on and what turns you off

Make sure you have regular chats about this, as an ‘overzealous to please’ partner can quickly turn something pleasurable into pain

Encourage your partner by talking during sexual intercourse (I currently live on a 33′ sailboat and admit that this can be tricky on occasions when you are trying not to make a noise because other people are on the boat)

If you are unable to talk, then it may be an idea to work out some hand signals


Touching is very important in any relationship

Don’t only touch your partner when you want to initiate sexual intercourse

Touch each other as you sit together doing everyday things, it connects you Hold hands, caresses on an arm, back, leg or whatever is closest.

Touching reminds your partner that you care

Touching and being touched can enrich your inner being

When you, or your partner, are stressed, ill, or just struggling to fall asleep, sex is a wonderful way to release tension and fall to sleep naturally

Speak to your health professional if intercourse is painful or difficult  

Sex is not just for young people 

My partner and I are in our sixties and enjoy a very active and fulfilling sex life (I can imagine my children groaning with embarrassment on reading this!)

Do not use sex, or the denial of sex as a means of ‘punishing’ your partner for a perceived wrong. There is no quicker way to destroy a relationship than that.

Seduce your loved one regularly

Make time for each other. Get someone to babysit the kids so you can have some alone time.

Working, raising a family and running a household can be exhausting. Make time for a good relaxing sex to be your reward for getting through the week rather than denying yourself the pleasure because you are ‘too tired or have a headache.’

Trust me, sexually satisfied couples make good decisions together, and I don’t mean, asking for a new car, TV, fridge or holiday just after the event…

If you are feeling stressed and struggling with your life in general, try using lists to help you get things under control and build up your mojo.