Christmas is the time of year people think about friends and family who will not be with them.

Years ago, we used to all write and send Christmas cards to one another. I can remember our family lounge room filled with Christmas Cards received. Some years there were so many cards that we would need to hang them up on two or three strings across the pelmets around the room.

Those cards represented people around the world who cared about our family. We enjoyed looking at them and talking about the fun times we had shared with the people who had sent them. They united us in common goodwill and were a pleasure to receive.

Once computers became the norm in households, the usual Christmas Cards became an annual Christmas Letter that shared things that had happened during the past year. People put great effort into creating a letter that shared all the fun, and sometimes, not so fun, things that had happened to their family in the past year. It was a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends.

Those of us who were computer savvy would enjoy putting photos into the annual Christmas letters. I can recall making mine with much pleasure. I have kept the ones I wrote and received, and enjoy reading them every now and then as they bring back so many memories.

And then came Social Media

How exciting it was to be able to ‘chat’ and video call people we care about?

Social Media gives us a wonderful opportunity to ‘keep up to date’ with everything happening. One of the downsides is that because we thought ‘everyone’ knew what was happening in our lives, we stopped writing those annual letters. I really enjoy my social media, especially Facebook.

Facebook has helped me to find people in my life that I had lost touch with over the years. It certainly keeps me connected. My concern is for the older people in your life. The ones who do not go on Facebook or don’t have smartphones. They miss out greatly on what is happening in the lives of their children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of our good intentions, and I know I am one of those people who sometimes forget to video call the ones I care about.

This year I plan to write notes, to those people who I will not be able to see this Christmas.

A REAL letter, one on paper and posted to them so that it arrives before Christmas day.

Most people these days do not receive much mail. We tend to have everything sent to us electronically and, unless you have a sign on your mailbox, only junk mail fills it.

If you have children, much fun can be had for them to create a special Christmas Letter for the loved ones in your family.

It really does not need to be an artistic masterpiece, nor does it require great effort. A simple note saying ‘I am thinking of you this Christmas’ will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Life is short, we often get distracted by all the things we believe are important to do ‘now’.

Take time out:

Pour yourself a cup of tea/coffee/glass of wine. Sit down for half an hour and write a letter to someone you care about.

If you have children, perhaps you could get them to decorate the envelope, or make a special letter or card to put inside.

Imagine the joy your half-hour investment will bring to someone you love?

I have dreadful handwriting, so my letters will be written on my laptop and printed out. This way I can write one original letter and use it as a template. I can then personalise it for each person I plan to send it to.

Letter Suggestions:

Christmas is a great excuse to thank people for things they have done for you during the past year. Why not drop them a line or two that lets them know you appreciated something that they did for you.

  • People you care about who do not live close by
  • The person who waters your garden, or feeds your animals when you go away for a weekend
  • The person you call up when you are running late to collect the kids from school
  • The teacher who made a difference in your child’s life this year
  • The nurse or aide in the home where your grandparent lives
  • Anyone you know who lives alone and gets lonely at this time of the year

Short and sweet, that is all from me on this subject, I am off to write a few letters.