I believe photography is an excellent hobby for kids of all ages.

Smartphones get upgraded regularly, and I encourage parents to turn their old phones into cameras for their children.

Remove the SIM Card, delete all apps to free up space to store photos, ensure the camera function is easy to access and you have an excellent first camera for a child.

Don’t let old smartphone gather dust inside drawers – recycle them as cameras for Kids.,

Encourage kids to use photography in ways that will grow their life skills.

The Smartphone Photography Guide is written for children and, with a little help from mum or dad, should have them enjoying photography and learning a few life skills along the way.

Kids see us taking photos all the time on our phones – why not encourage them to go a bit further into simply taking a Selfie?

I have created a Private Facebook Group PHOTOGRAPHY FOR KIDS where they can share their photos and gain a few tips. There will be regular challenges for kids to take photos and get mum/dad to upload them. I will be sharing ideas for them to use their photos and be available to answer any questions they may have

There is no cost at all, just a safe place to have fun and enjoy the wonders of photography. They do not have to have a smartphone camera, if they are lucky enough to already own a camera, they can show off their photographs safely in the group.

Download my free Photography for Kids Guide here