Traveling with children often causes many ‘Are we there yet?’ questions.

I lived in Namibia and used to travel 900km once a month with my three daughters. They were told not to ask ‘Are we there yet?’ questions.

My youngest asked ‘Will I still be five when we get there?’ instead.

There were not many other vehicles on the road during our traveling so not much opportunity to play Spot-O there.

Living in cities as many of us do now, we are often driving on busy roads and see hundreds of other vehicles every day.

Playing Spot-O will keep your children off their devices and paying attention to the passing cars and bikes around them. This will make them very aware of traffic and conditions which may be helpful when they get old enough to learn to drive.

The game is very simple to play and fun for all ages.


Whoever sees (spots) a yellow car shouts out SPOT-O and scores 1 point. Only one person can score a point from each car spotted.


Playing Spot-O can be made more interesting if you add different vehicles to the list.

Spot-O cars are awarded different points.

  1. Point is awarded for yellow vehicles, bicycles and motorbikes
  2. Points are awarded for Emergency vehicles such as Police Cars, Ambulances and Fire Engines
  3. Points are awarded for Green vehicles
  4. Points are awarded for Purple vehicles

Download the Spot-O Game Guide and have some fun playing with your kids.

The person with the highest score at the end of the journey is the winner.